June 2009

Keep Those Dogies Rollin’

Today, the Houston Astros beat the Minnesota Twins 4-1.  Though one game doesn’t always mean much in the grand scheme of a 162-game Major League Baseball schedule, this one is significant for at least one reason: It moved the Astros to 5-1 in series played in June.  With three series left (Kansas City, Detroit, and half of a four game set against San Diego) in the month, they’ve clinched a winning series record in June.

Houston has won 6 of their last 7 series, going back to the Pittsburgh series at the end of May.  Still, all is not blue skies and puppy dogs.  Houston hasn’t been higher than fifth in the division since the third game of the season.  They’re only 11-7 in June, and haven’t finished a month above .500 yet.  With 8 games left in the month, there’s no guarantee they’ll finish this month as strongly as they’ve started it.

Short entry today, but suffice to say I’m mostly back.  No Internet access at home until July 1.  Watch for more from me then.