Work For The Yankees

The New York Yankees are hiring a Statistical Analysis intern.  If you’re a current student or recent graduate (May 09), and have SQL experience, hop on over and apply for the position.

These jobs don’t come around all the time, so if you want to work in baseball statistics, this is your golden opportunity.


Speaking of hiring, hope the job hunting is going well! Haven’t seen much of you online during the games!

Congrats on being #27 on the Latest Leader’s List!


I would, but I can’t work for the Yankees.

Are you working for the Yankees? You’ve gone silent. Miss your posts, man. Hope all is well.

Hey Round Rock – Miss your blog and your tweets! Hi from Tel Aviv, where Astros games start at 2 AM!

I hope you get back in the game REAL soon bro

RoundRock, I sure do miss your blog and your comments. Hope that things turn around for you.

Round Rock – are you ever coming back?

Hey RR15,
Just stopping by to ask how you’re doing. I hope the job hunt is going well. We all can’t wait to hear from you again. Hang in there pal🙂

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